The holiness of God is a terrifying and beautiful thing. It reminds us that He is not like us - He is infinitely pure, perfect, and holy. He is so holy that even the slightest sin is an abomination in His sight. And yet, it is precisely because of this holiness that we can trust in His goodness and grace.

We must remember that God's holiness is not something to be taken lightly. We are called to be holy as He is holy (1 Peter 1:16). This means that we are to strive for moral perfection, to be set apart from the world and its ways. It means that we are to hate sin and love righteousness.

But we must also remember that we can never attain holiness on our own. It is only through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross that we can be made holy. His death and resurrection have made a way for us to be forgiven and cleansed from our sin.

So let us worship God for His holiness, and let us strive to be holy ourselves - not in our own strength, but through the power of the Holy Spirit. Let us remember that it is only by grace that we are saved, through faith in Jesus Christ. And let us give thanks to God for His amazing love and grace, which has made a way for us to be holy and to dwell with Him forever.

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